NRNA President attended Diasporas in Action International Conference in Australia

Posted 2 years ago by Sandeep Bhattarai

NRNA President attended Diasporas in Action International Conference in AustraliaICC President, Dr. Shesh Ghale was one of the keynote presenters at the Diasporas in Action international conference, 26th September 2016 at Melbourne University which comprised of leading development and humanitarian agencies in Australia including the Refugee Council of Australia, Australian Red Cross, Oxfam Australia, Australian Council for International Development, and the Research for Development Impact Network and supported by, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), Victorian Office of Multicultural Affairs and the University of Melbourne School of Government. First time in Australia, the conference focussed on innovative and growing impact of diaspora communities with Senator The Hon Concetta Fierravanti-Wells, the Minister for International Development and the Pacific who made the keynote address, sharing her expertise on the role of the diaspora and migrant communities in Australian society and global issues.

There were various other speakers and participants from Australian and international diaspora organisations, government, policy makers and some of the world’s most experienced NGOs namely International Organization for Migration (IOM), International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies and academics from Oxford University, Melbourne University and Monash University who presented research on various issues around the diaspora community like forced migration, effects of remittance from diaspora communities, humanitarian issues and response, settlement in host countries and economic development.

Dr. Shesh Ghale presented about the NRNA network and the highlights of the work achieved during Nepal Earthquake 2015 and the rebuilding work of Laprak Model Village. Many of the audience gave feedback that indeed NRNA was one of the successful stories of Diaspora community in actions. The key message in discussion with different diaspora communities and organisations is about working in collaboration, avoiding task duplication, engaging, enabling and empowering the different networks to be a more sustainable and successful diaspora organisations.

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